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Machinery & Equipment Valuations

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Get a No Obligation Consultation

Our appraisers work with you on-site whether it’s in an office or on your jobsite to create detailed equipment lists and values – giving you an honest , objective, accurate and in-depth market analysis. We pair this knowledge with our team of industry contacts, ensuring the valuation is done as fairly and accurately as possible, working diligently for you in helping determine the value of your Equipment, Transportation and Oilfield assets.  At no time are you obligated to move forward by Auction. Our Team strives to fuel your company’s growth or move forward with strategic consolidation to put assets to their highest and best use, offering customized solutions for varying budgets and needs.

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have about your equipment appraisal needs.

Call us at 800-670-1227 for a free consultation.

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Yet Small Enough to Offer That Personal Touch.

Your Yard or Ours – We Can Turn YOUR IRON in CASH!

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